Clinical and Health Administrative Outsourcing in Philippines

Challenged by stiffer competition in attracting clients from the global outsourcing market, the Philippines is capitalizing on its edge in providing good offshore healthcare services.

Because of the good reputation of the Philippines as a provider of sought-after nurses in the world with a lot of US-registered health care professionals, healthcare outsourcing has become the fast-growing BPO service in the country.

This development would also pave the way for Filipino nurses, clinicians and other healthcare professionals currently working abroad to consider working in their home-country while earning quite the same salary.

The Philippines’ stature as a provider of hard-working nurses and medical professionals all over the world makes the country as a famous destination of choice in terms of offshore healthcare job requirements, “and this is hard to replicate.”

From known as the customer-service outsourcing destination because of Filipinos’ inherent emphatic and warm disposition, the high-value level in healthcare outsourcing is catching up, and now is the fastest-growing service in the BPO sector.

Last year, American Clinical Process Outsourcing (CPO) Shearwater Health opened its expanded facility in Cebu and announced to need about 1,200 medical professionals especially nurses to serve its growing global clients.

Shearwater Health’s expanded site located in Cebu IT Park, opened up more job opportunities for nurses and clinicians, with openings for USRN, PHRN, and medical coders.

With a continuing nurse shortage in the United States with over 100,000 openings for clinical experience, the Philippines would be an ideal option for clinical and administrative outsourcing services that helps various clients free up clinical staff to perform the highest priority tasks.


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