Google is officially sunsetting the old version of the Search Console. Users who try to access the old version will be redirected to relevant pages in the new Search Console.

There is still no 1-to-1 replacement for every old tool and report in Search Console, so Google will still be keeping these alive for now:


  • Remove URLs tool
  • Crawl stats report
  • Robots.txt testing tool
  • URL Parameters tool
  • International targeting
  • Google analytics association
  • Data highlighter tool
  • Messages report
  • Crawl rate settings
  • Email preferences
  • Web tools

Google will continue to work on making the above tools and reports available in the new Search Console. However, Google recently stated that users shouldn’t expect all tools to be ported over to the new version.

Google paid tribute to the occasion by gathering its team for a group photo in front of the old Search Console interface.



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